Rainbow Valley wants to help you to become a better communicator with your horse. The better the communication between you and your horse then the safer you will be. When I was younger I had a riding accident where my horse would flip over if asked to do something he didn't want to do. I lost my nerve riding horses and looked at a better way of "working " through a problem. I found groundwork not only fixes problems in the saddle in a much safer way, it also improves the relationship between you and your horse.


With groundwork you start to become more aware of what your horse is thinking, to read the early warning signs that they are getting worried or anxious and fix their attitude issues before you get on. I love helping people to expand their knowledge of how horses think, what motivates them and how to work with this to reach their goals. If you would like a better relationship with your horse then we can help you to achieve this. Whether you are coming back into horses after a few years break and are finding things aren't quite as easy as you remember them or your horse has a specific problem you would like to fix, we can help you to understand your horse better so you can fix these issues easily and safely.
As I am also a qualified bowen therapist I can also help your horse overcome any physical issues such as muscle soreness and not only help his body to heal but also provide you with stretches and exercises that will help you to keep your horse feeling good. I can also give you some exercises you can use to check if your horse is starting to feel sore in his body before it becomes a major issue. These two disciplines of ground work and bowen work together to ensure we aren't trying to get the horse to do something he is physically unable to do and also to ensure we aren't going "easy" on the horse and making excuses for bad behaviour because we think he is sore.