About Us

We are situated on 112 acres in the Darling Scarp just outside Brunswick 150km south of Perth. We bought the property in 2005 to accommodate our ever growing band of horses. Owning a stallion meant making room for visiting mares and having safe purpose built facilities to serve and accommodate them. After looking at many a property that proclaimed to have "excellent horse facilities" only to find the stable was a converted chook shed or the fencing was half barbed wire,we decided to start from scratch. All our fences are permanent safe electrobraid fencing. Our 40 years of experience and passion for horses and training them are now offered to the public.

We will come to you as long as you have a safe area to train and will show you the skills to maintain your horses training. We also specialise in ground work with problem horses and starting ground work on young horses. We believe in starting their education young but not starting them under saddle until they are 3 -4 years old. If you have a horse that doesn't respect you on the ground, the chances are you won't have as much respect on their back as you could. Please feel free to give us a call and discuss your training needs and we can work out a program that suits what you want to achieve with your horse. We also offer foal handling from day 1.

 A large part of our business is helping people with problems they have been experiencing with their horses. We like to come to you to help you and your horse to ensure that the training works for you in your environment.  This way you are investing in updating your own skills and knowledge rather than just paying to have your horse trained. It has been proven that horses have exceptionally long memories. As long as their training is thorough, they will remember their lessons even if they aren't worked for 6 months or more, therefore, we use a step by step method in our ground work and horsemanship lessons as well as out float training.

I provide Bowen Therapy for horses. I come to you and have many years of experience with treating horses from all disciplines and backgrounds and have been a qualified Bowen Practitioner since 2005. I am a member of the ETAA(Equine Therapy Association of Australia) and I am fully insured. Our stallion we use for breeding is Quarter horse as he passes on his trainable, easy going nature as well as his athletic ability. His first love is show jumping, not the usual career path for a quarter horse but he definitely has a passion for it. Unfortunately he wasn't able to reach his full potential as his rider left for the country. At this stage he was training at 1.20m. Being 14.3 hh he is versatile enough to cover a 16hh mare or a 13hh pony to produce you an all-round trainable, athletic foal.

Our highland cows are a more recent addition to the business, but, I have to admit, we have become very attached to having them around. They are all basically pets. We bought our first highland cow, Yetti, 5 years ago to graze the lane ways and basically look cute. Yetti was already in calf when we bought her and soon gave birth to Yogi. After adding a couple more that came from a neglected home, including our bull Hamish, the herd just grew. Our market is to produce friendly calves as pets and for people with small hobby farms that may not have experience with cattle. Because of this our highlands are not registered with any societies, enabling us to sell them at a more reasonable price. Highlands are extremely quiet, friendly and renowned for their hardiness and easy calving. Having said that they are also known for their healthy meat and were used in their native Scotland for milking as well.