Question 1: What areas do you cover?

 I cover the Perth metro area down to Busselton. Although travel is included in my fees training outside these areas may incur additional charges.
Please contact us to discuss your location.

Question 2: What are your fees?

 Training:  $120 for 2 hours or $80.00 for one hour. We strongly discourage one hour lessons as we feel there is not enough tme to fully get the training established. It is better to train less frequently and have more time to practice between sessions.

Bowen Therapy: $70.00 for the first treatment & $60.00 per treatment after that if necessary.

Float Training: $120 for the first 2 hours (minimum time) then $50 per hour after that if necessary.

Clinics: Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Question 3: Do I need specific training tools?

I prefer to train with a rope halter as it gives clearer communication to the horse. However, I am not specific with type or quality of rope halter used. I prefer a long 3-4 metre lead rope. A leather popper on the end is a bonus.
I also use training sticks for various applications. So if you have a training stick & string that's great. A lunge whip will also work. I am happy to work in with what you have available and I carry a lot of my own equipment if something specific is needed. As long as the equipment is safe, I can work with it. If you are not sure that what you have is suitable then please give me a ring to discuss your equipment.

Question 4: Do I need specific facilities to train?

A roundyard and an arena is always a bonus but as long as your training area is safe I can work with that. I am happy to train in their paddock as long as any other horses are not aggressive. If you have any concerns please ring me and we can discuss your needs.