What our clients think of us

"What an amazing weekend at the Rainbow Valley Horsemanship - Liberty Clinic. I learnt so many valuable lessons about Murphy and myself, that not only apply to how i connect with him and other horses but the way i deal with situations and how to work through issues comfortably. I now have the tools and a better understanding of how to communicate more effectively, resulting in a more confident and relaxed person / horse owner. 
The location on the Rainbow Valley farm was breathtaking and the facilities were great, making this clinic a very relaxed and enjoyable experience. Can't wait for the next clinic and for anyone wanting to develop their connection with their horse, own personal growth, and a beautiful weekend away,
I recommend you attend one of Debbie Rainbow clinics."


"Within 30 sec Debbie had control of my horse who had no respect for me. Her approach, knowledge and manner allowed me to understand my horse and learn that he had been giving me cues, I just didn't know it. The day was well planned, the group was small but meant we had one on one time. We arrived with very little understanding and anxious horses
We returned later that same day with respectful, comfortable and trusting horses. Loved it and will keep going to clinics with the goal to master liberty!
Thank you Deb and Steve."

"I was having a huge amount of trouble loading my 5 year old thoroughbred gelding, Reggie, onto the float. Basically he loaded beautifully and I had no problems until another horse bit him on the rump whilst loaded which startled him and he reared up and hit his head and went crazy and tangled his legs over the chest bar and I had to let him out.

I came to Debbie from Rainbow Valley Performance Horses for help after exhausting bum ropes, blindfolds, whips, bags of carrots and grain, locking him in the round yard and trying to feed and water him in the float, bull bits, dually halters you name it, I tried it! Not to mention needing a share in the band aid factory and glove factory for my poor blisters!. To be honest I had written Reggie off as one that just can't be floated any more but thought I would have one last crack at solving his problem with Debbie.

Debbie was firm but clear with Reggie addressing his fear but also the underlying problem of him now knowing he could get away with not loading and was being rewarded by me not being able to catch him after he got away from me. Reggie responded extremely well to Deb's clear uncomplicated ways, and firm but praising way of training. She had all the patience in the world. The key to training animals and as I have recently learned, children as well! Reggie was soon self-loading and travelling like a dream again!

I cannot not thank Debbie enough for all the patience and time she put into helping me with Reggie and I would absolutely 100% recommend her to anyone with a horse or pony with any floating issue"

Rachael Smith


"Had a fantastic 2 day liberty clinic with Debbie. Going away with some awesome tools for training both on the ground and under saddle. Really great welcoming venue. Would highly recommend this for any horse but for worried horses this is a must!
Thanks Debbie".