Equine Bowen Therapy



Equine Bowen Therapy is a muscle release therapy that is effective in the treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic conditions covering both physical and emotional issues in your horse.  The Bowen technique is a gentle yet powerful non-invasive technique that addresses the whole body, this enables the body to correct dysfunctions and restore a natural balance to all the bodies systems, it stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities and repair mechanisms and can assist in the relief of pain, discomfort and behavioural issues bringing about improved health and well-being to your horse.  During your horse’s treatment, I apply a series of cross fibre manoeuvres on various points on your horse’s body over specific muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia which separates the fibres.  The treatment involves resting periods in between a sequence of moves to allow the body to absorb the information and respond accordingly.


The Bowen move disturbs the delicate fascia underneath the skin and this sends neurological messages to the brain via the nervous system telling the body to re-balance itself and to relax the muscles allowing your horse to regain normal movement in joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This allows the horses body to adjust itself and begin the process of healing. As the fascia is released, fluid is able to once again flow freely through the muscles allowing toxins that have built up from an inflammatory response or from lack of movement to be released into the lymphatic system and be excreted from the body. A Bowen treatment can also incorporate various stretches that also help to retrain the muscles, giving a better range of movement.
I believe all horses can benefit from a Bowen Therapy treatment regardless of what discipline they do. Considering that 59% of a horse’s body weight is made up of muscles and that these are responsible for all body functions including, skeletal movement, heart contraction, food moving through the gut, urination, and breathing, among many others it makes sense to keep these muscles soft, supple and functioning to their full ability.
Performance horses such as dressage, eventing, show jumping, endurance, campdrafting, reining and race horses respond very well as it keeps their muscles soft and supple which can enhance their performance, enabling them to reach their full potential. Aged or retired horses can benefit greatly, especially those with arthritic and stiffness issues, from a maintenance program of Bowen Therapy to help them move around more freely and comfortably enhancing their quality of life. Bowen Therapy can also be used to help prevent injury and is extremely beneficial in post rehabilitation from injury, trauma or illness and can assist in getting your horse back into work sooner. Using bowen therapy before putting your horse out on spell also ensures that your horse is using there body correctly and maximises the therapeutic affects of spelling.
Some benefit may include:-
  • Eliminate your horses pain and discomfort
  • Increase mobility and range of motion
  • Keeps muscle soft and supple
  • Improve circulation, bring oxygen and nutrients to the muscles
  • Aids in eliminating muscle pain, stiffness, trigger points and tension in muscles
  • Improves your horse’s energy and performance
  • Helps prevent injury as well as to assist the body repair muscle fibers that have been injured and damaged
  • Improves hydration allowing for better flexibility of muscles
  • Encourages the flow of lymph which aids in the elimination of pain producing toxins enhancing the immune system
  • Helps breakdown scar tissue and adhesion's
  • Reduces tension, stress and anxiety, and encourages relaxation
  • Improved health, well-being and quality of life
Bowen Therapy is not a replacement for veterinary treatment or advice, but I am happy to work in conjunction with your vet to help


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